Monday, 14 May 2018

Royal Wedding

Do you have a million shillings and a lover? If you do, then we have a million ideas. We shall give you one.
Why not be one of the 20 lucky couples to watch the Royal wedding,  Prince Harry (the wedor) vs Ms Meghan Markle (the wedee), at Windsor - Windsor the Golfing joint at Thome in Nairobi and not the Great Britain Windsor. Lined up is an exclusive viewing of the wedding, champagne, live commentary, a night for two at the hotel and a helicopter ride to Mt Kenya for breakfast.

Sometimes we make assumptions so let me spell out why this Royal wedding is a big deal.
Because, the wedor, Harry is a prince on account of him being the son of a prince, Prince Charles to be precise. Prince Charles on his part his a prince because he is the son of a prince, Prince Philip or Pip as they used to call him in  Great Expectations. So, you may want to recall from the classroom that teacher of yours who taught you that a prince is the son of a King.  Great Britain has not have had a King for quite a while but has had its fair share of princes who may or may not include Prince Dodi Al Fayed. But that is not what has captured the word imagination.

What is lighting the world is the wedee. Particularly her ancestry. Her mother is a point five. In America, where she hails from, the one-drop-rule defination of a black person makes her black because her mother is categorised as an Africa-American. Now that makes it the stuff of the pumpkins and magic wands.

If you cannot make it Windsor for one reason or another, like the lover is not available or you cannot meet one or two of the "terms and conditions", then these are the other place you can view The Royal Wedding on the big screen

The Lord Errol is hosting a high tea during the screening the event. The High Tea will set you off 6K in Kenya shillings. But you will be in good company and lighter "terms and conditions"

I will let you into a secret if you promise not to tell anyone. The wedding will be watchable in any of the places you frequent for English football and at the same terms and conditions as watching the games, but, you will have to buy your own drinks and choma.