Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mr. Bee

When he was born his mother named him Njũkĩ. She could have called him Mwaniki or Gĩcovi.
You see, he was named after her husband’s brother. Among his people, you do not call your in laws by name. Therefore you modify the name to one with similar background.
Njũkĩ is a bee, a bee makes honey that in turn is used to brew liquor.
Mwanki is the person who sets a bee hive. Closely associated is Mũthusi and Mũrori. He would have received any of those names.
Liquor handling is a virtue. A good tippler is called Gĩcovi, Kĩnyua and such endearing names.
The best liquor is made from honey so those three were suitable names for him too.

But they settled on Njũkĩ.
Mr. Bee
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