Thursday, 22 November 2012

Police Deaths - The shame of 2012

This is straight from Utopia to Jukistopia via Oculus Sinister and Oculus Dexter. A quote from Charlies, WHAT OTHERS SAY,
Three or so years ago, there was an accident at an office complex that was being built in Kigali.
Two workmen died, and it emerged that the wealthy owner of the building, perhaps because he had powerful friends in the ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), had not bought workman’s compensation.
A lone policeman was dispatched on a Saturday afternoon to go and serve the businessman with a summons to show up at a police station.
The policeman went looking for the rich man, until he found him at a funeral of a prominent citizen of Kigali.
The businessman was seated in the front row in a tent at the funeral, and on both sides very senior army officers of the Rwanda Army flanked him.
With all the mourners watching in mild horror, the policeman walked and served the businessman with the summons!
The big military officers gently told the policeman that it was “un-African” to serve summons at a funeral, and promised the policeman that they would present the businessman first thing on Monday morning at the police station.
The policeman walked away empty-handed... and promptly reported to his superiors that he had been outranked.
True to their word, the generals delivered the businessman to the police station on Monday. But it was also the end for them. They were thrown into prison.
The powers that be in Rwanda were outraged, and a Big Man there told me: “When a policeman serves you with a summons, even when you are in church or in bed, in Rwanda you must answer them immediately. The day we allow generals to countermand a police officer like that, however good their reasons, we shall begin a slide to lawlessness”.

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