Friday, 14 December 2012

IEBC Wants Me to Stop Whining

What is a cliché?

A cliché is an expression, phrase or word that has been overused to a point of losing its original allure, meaning and effect, especially if earlier it was considered catchy.

Do you notice a cliché in this SMS I have just received from IEBC:

“Don’t just complain about bad leaders. Do something. Bad leaders are chosen by good citizens who do not vote. Register as voter to elect leaders of your choice”.

Clichés aside, IEBC assumes that among the lot, there lies a leader of my choice and that the leader is good? I like that. I also like their acknowledgement that there are some really rogue candidates in there.

Hypothesis: By registering and accepting to vote while well aware that the good leader is outvoted by the bad leader, am I legitimizing the selection of the bad leader?
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