Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Talk is Cheap, this you will learn when you face the test.

This quote came to jukistopia from juliegichuru.com. The prayer is that jukistopia will never face the test.

......ensure your affirmation resides within your soul -
Feeding your focus and passion, making you happy and whole.
For they will not stop the talk, it is what they do best -
But talk is cheap, and this they’ll learn when they face this very test.
Talk is Cheap | The Official Julie Gichuru Blog

Friday, 19 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher

Poor memory is a bliss. How convenient it would be to forget the atrocities and repression perpetrated during the sunset years of the British Imperialism (passed the baton to American empire). Can you recall Northern Ireland, South Africa, Chile and Kenya among others? In Kenya in particular, the despot regime of the 80's was a symbiosis of the Kleptocracy that was the Moi regime and the knowledge economy of Margaret Thatcher.

In jukistopia the urge is to forget, but if you want to depress yourself, you can read more here

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

30% contracts for youth

The president has announced that 30% of government contracts will go to the youth.
Jukistopia, thinks we are over doing this pro youth thing. Beside it bordering on discrimination, it is sending the message to the younger generation that there is no place for elderly people in our society. The payback could be be immediate.
The first time Mr. Moi started preaching the youth doctrine, incidentally while selling his Uhuru project, old people started being burned in Kilifi and Kisii.