Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why are we still Killing one another using Machetes

Jukistopia likes this guy. He says the Garissa murderers  are better than the Bungoma ones because they spray restaurants with bullets while in Bungoma they slice their victims. He calls it civilization. Jukistopia had never seen it that way before. Am impressed. In fact, ninaomba serikali iingilie kati and give the killers guns so that they can use less energy, make it snappy and disperse more miserable souls to their maker faster. And since a discussion is never quite complete without quoting hata Amerika, when Americans used Daisy cutters in Afghanistan and Iraq killing more people in one hour than were killed in Kenya in one month that was civilization.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Waste not Want not

The Constitution of Kenya allows for up to twenty two cabinet secretaries (ministers and ministresses). What a pity the presidents are talking of utilizing only eighteen. That is wasting a constitutional grant. In Jukistopia this is how we would do it
  • ·         Create eighteen ministries and make everyone happy.
  • ·         Choose ministers for the eighteen ministries and make everyone even more happier.
  • ·         Choose two more ministers without portfolio and make everyone completely happy.
  • ·         Leave two slot as a bait to defectors and make jukistopia.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Good Lawyer

So much discussion has been happening in Jukistopia regarding the role of lawyers. Nonetheless, the indications are that A good lawyer should not have a soul. Good lawyers, defense or otherwise exaggerate, lie and scandalize their opponents and witnesses. All in the name of protecting the justice system as taught just before being called to the bar (a bar you just walk in and order, you don't wait to be called).

The only thing I can understand about a man or woman who kept a despot in power, helped protect ill gotten wealth until nothing can be recovered, and later kept the despot away from the gallows, is that he or she had no soul.