Thursday, 26 September 2013

Westgate Mall Attack

Even just one person dying out of a cause that is not natural is already too many people dead. So when gun men estimated at 10 killed over 70 people at the Westgate mall Jukistopia was appalled. Yet the discordance in the available information is not helping Jukistopia come to terms with the tragedy by understanding the motives of the attackers.

Picture this;
Some reports say the gun men were Terrorist allied to Al Shabaab while others say Al Qaeda. I suppose that makes them lethal and merciless.
Some reports say they were heavily armed. Others say they had big guns. Which I interpret to mean they were equipped and ready for whatever they had set out to do.

Now I was never good in Maths so perhaps my calculation is wrong. If the death toll is 72 then it means on average each gunman’s payload was 7.2 fatalities.

In Jukistopia they keep feeling that killing (by shooting) was not the primary objective of these gunmen.
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