Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Nairobi Metropolitan Command

News reaching Jukistopia say that President Kenyatta has created a brand new Military command and christened it Nairobi Metropolitan Command (NMC).
According to the president, its mandate is to deal with the emerging security threats in the country.
What is the command?
According to the defense secretary, the command is "respond to the evolving security environment more effectively!" and not "polisi wote wakae kama raia!” "The police have the power to arrest and EXECUTE!" says she. Now you have it  so stop calling executions in police custody extrajudicial?

Be that as it may the senior Kenyatta had Anti-stock theft unit (Ngoroko) at Nakuru. Moi had the Recce squad at Highridge, Kibaki had AP at Embakasi. Jukistopia feels it is only fair that the lesser Kenyatta has NMC.
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