Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Beyond What You See

In case of crime in Jukistopia the first thing we do in order to nab the culpable is draw a list motive holders. A list of anyone or entity likely to benefit from the crime whether directly or indirectly.
That is why after recent bus bombings I was shocked that the only entity on the police radar is Al-Shabab even though it did not claim credit as it is want to.
what of the following? Do they have a valid motive
1. Those that sell metal detectors.
2. Those who run private security firms
3. Business rivals
4. Those seeking tenders to supply (cross-city) CCTV coverage.

Just before and during the influx mobile phone there was massive destruction of the Telkom Kenya infrastructure. This destruction whenever it happened was attributed to 'vandals after copper'. However the game was sold when the vandals stopped carting away the cables the cut. They would just chop are leave. Worse they started chopping in the fibre cables.

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