Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Once Bitten Twice Clever

After Thika road we knew the culprits immediately (Al Shabab) and had a solution within hours  (camerarise the entire city). After Juja road we knew the culprits immediately (foreigners without ID’s) and found a solution within hours (send them to refugee camps via Kasarani) . At Mpeketoni we knew the culprits immediately (local political networks) and took immediate action (step-aside-ise the police county bosses).

Why can we not use the same dexterity to stop the murders before they occur? Because we love surprises.

For example, in jukistopia, we once gave the security guards a six months notice to stop their services. To our surprise there was a marked increase in thuggery around Jukistopia in the succeeding months. Even more surprising was that the guards always seemed to be caught unawares even when a resident had warned of an impending attack. And if there was burglary the guards would hear a resident's scream long after the thugs were gone.

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