Thursday, 14 January 2016

La Mujer De Al Lado

According to today’s paper, in Huruma (what Irony as we shall see later) a man decides he must watch English football (you know that game of and for hooligans) just as the wify’s La Mujer De Al Lado was getting to that scene where Roberto Idiotez is about to start kissing with his son’s wife Rebeca Mofulish who doesn’t know whether the pregnancy she is carrying belongs to Roberto’s brother,  the police inspector or to the local priest. For some reason, the Huruma man has forgotten that the wife comes from that region where women don’t like their husbands growing horns and so a scuffle for the remote, that would otherwise have be avoided, ensues. By and by an eight inch kitchen knife joins the scuffle aimed, bila huruma, at the same place near but below the buckle where knives have formed a habit of being aimed at these days. Luckily, the knife misses but unluckily plunges fatally into his belly.

Moral of the story: If you don’t want your wife behind bars watch football in a bar.
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