Friday, 4 November 2016

Homework Strike

Parents in Spain, in protest to 6.5 hours of homework a week for their children, have urged their children to go on a “weekend-homework strike”. They argue that the burden is too great, places too much pressure on pupils, and eats into family time. Supported by the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Mothers and Fathers, they are calling on children who attend Spanish state schools to boycott weekend-homework in November. The parents say that schools are passing on tasks to families that they shouldn’t be, thus making them into second teachers.
Moreover schoolchildren have to fit their homework around the school day, leaving them little time for playing.

But, some parents feel their children ought to be counting their blessings as they have it easier than they since they don’t have as much homework as the parents did – 6.5 hours a week as opposed to 14 hours a week. They have time to play, which is the most important thing. They need to study, but they also need to have the time to be kids.
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